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Issue Number 1 - We make beautiful - Published on 10th of January 2014
SunSet Silverstinger
Hey world! We make beautiful
By C.E.O Of

#WeMakeBeautiful is our slogan. It is the idea we had in mind when we first started. When we first embarked on this wonderful journey which is the life of Silverstinger. First of all, it matters to say that when I think of Silverstinger , I often think of it as a living entity, I do think of it as a Beautiful child. I do picture it, slowly but surely, growing and flourishing both physically and spiritually into this powerful engine which one day will fulfil its ultimate purpose of helping people to live better in one way or an other.

Now, you might want to ask me how making Beautiful things would ,remotely, help people to live better and improve their condition? Somehow, you might also question how would we ever succeed to achieve that with such approach?

Answering these questions comes down to explaining why does society value beauty in the first place and for what purpose?

In any context where beauty does manifest , whether it is the sunset at the BoraBora archipelago , the way nature does its work or the eloquence of a heart-warming poem. I do strongly believe that experiencing such perfection would convey a serene feeling which does have a powerful soothing effect on the psychological state of people in general (mood, stress level, happiness etc).

Experiencing beauty does often clear our minds and send us a message saying : " Beautiful is so accessible , it is everywhere , if you know how to appreciate it of course! So why shouldn't be everything else in life". Alternatively, if beauty correlates with perfection or getting close to it, by experiencing it, one would want to mimic it's pattern and apply it to his/her own life in whichever way they perceive as relevant. From another angle, we could go as far as considering the state of being beautiful as being well organised and cleverly structured. For instance, since one of the attributes of beauty of the human facial features has been proven to have to do with the degree of symmetry that it follows. We may extend the effect of experiencing beauty and valuing it to encourage us towards introducing some sort of organisation, structure and method into our lives and how we carry on living it.

Beauty most often speaks for itself. Especially man-made, non-coincidental beauty. In addition, Creating something special requires inspiration, talent , hard work and above all heart. Seeking perfection is an endless quest during which the only satisfaction you will ever get to experience is ,actually, the feeling of not being satisfied with what have been done and try over and over to make it better. That was quite a conundrum. Wasn't it?

Seeing beauty would ,most of the time, give us hope that there is still some style in an otherwise world scared by Ugly. I personally loath Ugly. Ugly nowadays is everywhere, Ugly is the war destroying civilisations and decimating populations, Ugly is the intolerance dividing people rather than bringing them together, Ugly is the greed which takes from the poor & gives to the rich and limits equal opportunities for everyone , Ugly is the diseases ravaging disfavoured countries, Ugly is the lack of compassion and the inability of empathy , Ugly is what makes us less human.
Therefore, making beautiful is a form of rebellion against Ugly and everything that makes Ugly so accepted and commonplace.

I am looking forward to seeing more Beautiful rather then trying to filter the tremendous amount of ugliness through my mental screen to see the bright side of things. Wouldn't the world become a much better place to live in if we all try to do Beautiful instead of tolerating Ugly to creep on us and become so "natural", so omnipresent. I want to see more courage , more adventurous spirits, more gentlemanly attitude ,more helping hands for the vulnerable, more togetherness and less selfishness. In one word I want to see more Beautiful. I will even push this a step further and say:" I demand to exercise my right to live in a Beautiful world".

Requiring more Beauty in the world, in whichever form it may be is a statement that people often shy from expressing. We ,however , at Silverstinger we are determined to help people by introducing more beauty in the world throughout our creation, actions and the way we chose to do business. We will always endeavour to make Beautiful things for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

Rafet Maamouri


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