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Issue Number 2- How cool are you - Published on 26th of January 2014

How cool are you?
By C.E.O Of

Rafet Maamouri

I have always wondered what being cool is. At a younger age I wanted to become the cool kid so badly "whatever that was!" I started experimenting with stuff, fashion and clothing styles, body language variations, association with music genres or ethnic groups  , you name it! I bet the immature me of the late 80s, early 90s had even thought that he had achieved a great deal of coolness, same as the less immature Me of nowadays thinks is doing in that field.

The thing with being cool is that it is not a trophy you can get or rank up towards, but rather is a moving target which is relative to the Zeitgeist. Therefore, what was cool back in the 70s might not be as much nowadays. However, throughout the years I have discovered that there's a lot more to being cool than what society assumes it is. The way Society perceives this attribute is very subjective. Being cool is a very dynamic concept, it dose evolve over time. Even within the same time frame, niches of coolness emerge , therefore, what's cool to a surfer dude might not be as much to a computer geek etc. However, both of them can be cool in their own way. This brings us to ask the question whether there is a standard state of being cool, a universal metric on which we can scale this attribute?
In this Information Age, where communication has never been as fluid and widely accessible as now, mainstream media had influenced the way we perceive things like beauty, fashion, goodness, values etc. Consequently, it has induced a form of passive absorption of information which had resulted in a dull convention of what being cool should be, from an aesthetic point of view of course!

What is cool (whether it is a personality, an attitude, an attire etc.) has become influenced by television, by the way a performer is behaving on stage, by what is trending on social media and so on and so far. Therefore, everyone is looking out for what the general opinion is and abode by it. The late few generations found themselves sucked into a state of boring likeness, each one of them convinced, blindly, they became one of the cools.
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In my humble opinion, I think that there is nothing cool about getting the stamp of conformity all over your forehead. Being cool should be associated more with originality rather than compliance. There is nothing cool about being shown the way   and accepting it mindlessly, you somehow have to discover your own path to coolness through trials of hit and miss.
By carrying on this way, we will wake up one day with the news that a regulatory body has been appointed to issue coolness certifications to those wishing to join the herd, not long after that we will end up with an armada of copied & pasted stereotyped blobs roaming the universe, transforming everything they touch into an even duller, more insipid versions of themselves, interested in nothing but the warm bosoms of conformity.  Only then we might look back and say: "We really had messed up this time!"
Mainstream media and education are mass producing  some very interesting specimen, an army of spineless conformists who have been conditioned and brainwashed to plunge the world into a no-creativity black hole, a nation of consumers with no intention to produce anything where irresponsible super-inflated corporations are dominating the public opinion. Now take few steps back, have a look and tell me how cool is all that? I give it a "Dude! Uncool!"

Cool Silverstinger People usually think that things make them cool and that fashion will help them forge a cool personality or become more interesting. Whereas, It is the other way around actually! I think interesting and witted people are the ones who help make things cool. Therefore, producers, manufactures, fashion brands and designers should be grateful to have cool personalities using their products. Consequently, Brands should be very careful on whom to sponsor or which public figure to entrust with their image. Unfortunately, short-sighted, irresponsible corporations do neglect the consequences of choosing stupid people to represent them and carry on corrupting generations of consumers for the sake of a rising share price.  

Cool shouldn't be what some half naked singer is doing on stage, it should not be the way the reality TV "stars" are living their meaningless excuse of a life  or the promotion of violence on tv. It is heart-breaking to see stupid people made famous just because it is profitable. What kind of role models are we putting forward and encouraging the younger generations to follow?  We have to be very careful on the consequences of masquerading imbecility as cool.

Cool is   the nerd who cracks code and solve complex math problems; cool is the underdog who had made it between giants; cool is Stephen Hawkins with his beautiful mind; cool is stoicism, composure and keeping calm under stress; cool is being different , thinking differently , having a critical mind and saying no to stupidity; cool is the unquenchable desire to learn new things; cools is being inspiring to others; cool is being generous and caring for the less fortunate; cool is living healthy ; cool is getting wiser and maturing without getting cynical about life  . After all these years I have figured that it takes a lot of growing up to become cool, it is a state of mind reached through maturity and experience.   

Over here at Silverstinger we will exercise our utmost vigilance to promote the right role models and do business in a responsible way. After all it is not only about profits , mark my words, it is more about passion and being true to our values. We will endeavour to be creative , to be original and above all to be responsible so that one day we might join the few guys who had made  it and be one of the cools.

Thanks for reading.
Author :
Rafet Maamouri
CEO Silverstinger ltd

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