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Since the dawn of time, humanity has been nothing but an ugly display of injustice marked by  wide disparity between social classes. Those who got hold of the weapon of knowledge first, had used it to consolidate their economic position and subdue the lower classes into servitude. It has always been about acquiring  huge resources for the benefit of the few and guarding them fiercely off the reach of the masses. Ever since...

How cool are you?
Published on 26th Janaury 2014 By Rafet Maamouri, CEO of Silverstinger Limitedhow cool are you
Don't we all want to be cool? My god! It would feel great to be cool. Even if we are already cool, we would want to become even cooler. It is a race, a competition, it is a battle where we are all free to use whatever weapons available to remain the most hip, the coolest! Don't we all want to be cool? My god! It would feel great to be cool... (Read more)


We make beautiful...
Published on 10th Janaury 2014 By Rafet Maamouri, CEO of Silverstinger Limited
WeMakeBeautiful is our slogan. It is the idea we had in mind when we first started. When we first embarked on this wonderful journey which is the life of Silverstinger. First of all, it matters to say that when I think of Silverstinger , I often think of it as a living entity, I do think of it as a Beautiful child. I do picture it, slowly but surely, growing and flourishing both physically and spiritually into this powerful engine which one day will fulfil its ultimate purpose of helping people to live better in one way or an other... (Read More)
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